Monday, 16 April 2012

Pools in Harmony with Nature and Lifestyle

I have always wanted a pool in my backyard.  But there has always been a reason against it.  When the kids were young we lived in High Park with a postage size backyard.  I bought a swim spa and we kept it running year round.  It was amazing to go out in the winter with the steam rising and the kids could actually swim in it.  I could do laps. But it was an eye sore. When we sold the house the new home owners did not want it so we had to find a way to get rid of it. 
I have been told time and time again that a pool has a negative impact on selling your property and there is a significant cost to putting one in.  As a result, if we were going to get a pool we would buy a house with one. That house has never come along.
Last year I looked at putting a pool in our backyard, with landscaping it was going to cost around $100,000 for nothing extravagent.  I couldn't justify it.  I am getting older and less thrilled about putting on a bathing suit, that will only get worse with time.  The kids are older.  Then I came across the concept of a Green Swimming Pool.  I loved the idea.  It really becomes a water feature in your backyard, vs a swimming pool.
These pictures are more swimming oriented but you could make it to look very much like a pond- so you could swim or just have a beautiful landscape

A Boating & Swimming Pond with a Stream 2

Apparently these are big in Europe but rarer in Canada.  There is a company in BC that does a fair number of these pools withwaterfalls, streams and bridges.

All insects and pond life find a balance so there is no need to fear infestations of mosquitoes or an invasion of frogs - any small creatures that do exist live in the plant zone while you relax in your own swimming zone.

A shady spot beside a garden pond

Small and Simple

The concept is

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