Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Take me Away

Ayada Maldives 1 Ultimate Holiday Retreat: Ayada Maldives Resort

I can't even begin to imagine how wonderful it would be to visit a place like this.  You would feel completely at one with nature.  I love the ocean so I questioned the need for private pools or even the one that links all of the individual villas.  Then of course I thought of wanting a dip in cool water at night- never a good idea to be in the ocean at night, so the pool is a great compromise for that.

Apparently this is a fairly new resort Ayada Maldives and located on the island of Maguhdhuvaa, in the lovely Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll district.

Ayada Maldives 12 Ultimate Holiday Retreat: Ayada Maldives Resort

Imagine sitting and watching fish swim by beneath you!
Ayada Maldives 5 Ultimate Holiday Retreat: Ayada Maldives Resort

A pool - shaped like a boat- joining all of the individual villas together

Ayada Maldives 16 Ultimate Holiday Retreat: Ayada Maldives Resort

Watching the sunrise and set, it looks heavenly.....

Ayada Maldives 17 Ultimate Holiday Retreat: Ayada Maldives Resort

Monday, 30 January 2012

A Living Room to Die For...

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Imagine sitting on in a living room on the waters edge.  This is a Floating Home in Seattle.  I love the use of a garage door to bring the outside in and suprisingly it isn't an eyesore on the interior
A contemporary bright living room but it lacks that direct connection to nature. It feels more like a condo.


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ski Getaway designed to Mimic Mountains

Norwegian mountain cabin

Mountain Lodge in Al Norway designed to look like the mountains and the functionality of being able to ski out of it and on top of it.. Huge windows, almost skylights allow natural light into the cabin.
To see more visit: http://j.mp/rAV0wd

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

An Office to Die For...

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I love the clean lines of this desk and hutch.  The gleaming metal add a touch of pizzazz to the room, maybe some sparks of inspiration to your work??
The combination of the straight lines of metal and the circular sculpture on the hutch is a great combination.

Monday, 23 January 2012


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As soon as I saw this photo I fell in love.  The connection with the outdoors is so strong.  I never imagined living in anything but an old historic home, but my tastes have changed.  Packing my bags and moving....

Sunday, 22 January 2012

In Memory of Sarah Burke

I have been touched by the life and death of Sarah Burke. It may be that she is a local Southern Georgian Bay girl.  It maybe that my sons are skiers.  It may be that I have watched races and falls through the eyes of a mother, with fear and apprehension.  A few years ago another young man from Southern Georgian Bay had a serious head injury during training in Colorado. He recovered but it was the end of his dreams.  I thought it would impact my sons, change the way they skied. It didn't.  They ski for the love of it.  Reading about Sarah Burke and her husband Rory Bushnell helped me understand.  It is their life and without it they would not be the same people. Sarah lived life skiing on the edge.  I am sure if you could ask her she wouldn't change anything.

A daredevil, with a passion and enthusiasm for life. An inspiration for women young and old everywhere. It doesn't matter if you aren't a sports enthusiast. Sarah showed us that with determination, commitment and passion any goal can be achieved.  She championed for the inclusion of women in her sport, ensuring she and generations of other young women could pursue their dreams.

Thank you Sarah for being a role model and inspiration.

sarah burke

Sarah Burke Sept 19 2011

Saturday, 21 January 2012

I LUV Before and Afters

After: Simplistic View

I couldn't bear to sully up my blog by posting the before picture first.
Fresh white paint really goes a long way!.  Fireplace is downsized and lightened up. Extra upper window added but even without that the room would have been much nicer.
Light and airy the beautiful beach and water become the center of attention

Before: Distracting Elements

Dark, dark, dark. Fireplace is overpowering the room

Before: Conflicting Style

Here's another great example. The bones were there but....

After: Classic Mix

Now this is comfortable, welcoming and pleasing to the eye.

photos coastal living.com

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Unusual Wall Treatment

A very unusual wall treatment that references the stonework of the nearby Frick Collection. It reminds of commercial concrete.  The gray tone warms up the walls and suprisingly removes some of the "concrete feel"

Read more: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/homes/homes/2012/01/stephen-sills-manhattan-apartment-slideshow#ixzz1h1qPhqQ2
Love the ceiling mouldings- Although it looks like they make the rooms seem smaller.  Maybe my imagination...
My Fav below.....

Monday, 16 January 2012

Warmth in a Contemporary Home

Californian Modern Residence In LA 2 Inspiring Californian Residence with Luxurious Features in Los Angeles

Californian Modern Residence In LA Inspiring Californian Residence with Luxurious Features in Los Angeles

Californian Modern Residence In LA 5 Inspiring Californian Residence with Luxurious Features in Los Angeles

Californian Modern Residence In LA 26 Inspiring Californian Residence with Luxurious Features in Los Angeles

Californian Modern Residence In LA 28 Inspiring Californian Residence with Luxurious Features in Los Angeles

For more pics see http://freshome.com/2011/03/29/inspiring-californian-residence-with-luxurious-features-in-los-angeles/


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Kitchens: Exposed Brick and Loads of Character

Kitchens with exposed brick bring back memories of living in an old house in High Park.  We gutted the kitchen and exposed the walls.  It was a tremendous amount of work but I loved that kitchen.  Everytime I took a close look and saw how much grout was missing,holes or chalky spots on the brick I wondered if it looked cheap to other people.  Should we have put a brick veneer up?

The answer is no.  All of the pictures below show a character that you just can't get without old brick that is falling apart.

kitchens - exposed brick wall white shelves white kitchen cabinets gray corian counter tops  Urban Grace Interiors  Gorgeous kitchen design with

Scandinavian kitchen designs 16 30 Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas That Will Make Dining a Delight

Scandinavian kitchen designs 22 30 Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas That Will Make Dining a Delight


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sunglasses for your Windows

Lake House 10 800x1200 Tastefully Designed Residence in Thailand: The Lake House

I love windows, the bigger the better.  I think this is the primary reason I have been drawn towards more modern contemporary architecture recently.  Floor to ceiling window give you an direct connection to the outdoors.  There are drawbacks.  While I don’t currently live in a modern home, I do have a sunroom.  The room can become blisteringly hot in the summer and quite frosty in the winter.  Add to that fading that damages my hardwood floors and furniture.

I started looking into different options recently.  When I lived in a century home in Toronto, with very drafty windows I would get out my hairdryer and window film for a DIY fix.  Not overly attractive but it helped.  The reality is there are great options available that can make a big difference and negate the draw backs associated with big beautiful windows.   Suprisingly, insulating window blinds and can halt up to 86% of heat gain and 80% of heat loss.  Add to that they are now constructed of material  that still allows you a clear view out of the window.  You can’t beat that.

One of the products I came across was Krumpers Solar Blinds.  One of the testimonials spoke to me “temperature in the room went from 103F to 75F, after installation of the blinds”.  I do have good energy efficient windows, so would solar blinds really make a difference? Apparently low-E still allows for 60% heat transfer rate through the glass in summer and winter, but Krumpers Solar Blinds reduces this to less than 20%. In the winter they can reduce winter heat loss by 45%. Sounds like I have something to add to my wish list.
Decorative- No. They are attractive to look at but from an interior design perspective they don't add colour or texture to your room. I can still buy beautiful drapes for that.....

"Best Blinds of 2010" and have been nominated once again as "Best Blinds of 2011" For more information on Krumpers Solar Blinds  www.krumperssolarsolutions.ca


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Winter Wonderland Architecture

I used to love to ski, until an untimely accident caused by my fear of an oncoming snowboarder. Going on vacation to a beautiful chalet, skiing, eating, skiing, hottubbing, more eating.
Loved the design of this winter wonderland.


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Before and After Renovations Edition 3

Before: Outdated Living Room

I am sure we have all seen this before whether it has been our own at one time or we have viewed it while looking at cottage real estate.  A mish mash of left over furniture from days gone by. Particle board ceiling, panelling on the walls. Yikes!

After: Polished and Modern

Look what that space can become with a little bit of money and effort. Clean neutral palette.  This would sell...

Before: Empty Space

More money was invested in this makeover- new windows, drywall and flooring, but the end result is lovely.

After: Rejuvenated Living Room

photos coastal living

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Amazing Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Spaces Decorating Ideas by Kettal

There is nothing more beautiful and relaxing than outdoor living spaces, that have landscape lighting showcased at night.  You can envision yourself sitting with friends having a glass of wine and enjoying the cool night air.  Or watching the kids having a bedtime swim.
Kelowna House by David Tyrell – Outdoor Lounge

I could live in this outdoor space.  Looking over the water.  Heaven.....

Outdoor Spaces Decorating Ideas by Kettal-7

I love this room as well.  The shape of the deck is sightly irregular.  In fact it looks like it is just boards set up on the grass like an outdoor carpet.  A great place to go and read a book in the afternoon

Or for the whole family to enjoy- it's like an outdoor great room.


Friday, 6 January 2012

Inspiration for Photo Shoot


We have a photoshoot on monday with a very glam and femine house.  Here are some of the inspiration shots I am looking at.  The photo above is a little busy, and you would lose some of the details of the actual kitchen that we want to showcase, but pare it down and it would work
pink yellow cream white silver grey....mmmmm

The colour palate is grey, pink, shiny and glam
Pinned Image

The magazine is a spring issue so this is cute and could work- also won't break the budget...

Pinned Image

Or this with colourful spring flowers around the base....


Thursday, 5 January 2012

What to do with My Old Pallets


Each quarter my magazines are delivered on pallets. Luckily Canada Post has gone green so we have a special resuable pallet for them.  But the rest what to do?  I came across these ideas.  Not sure hubby will like this project...


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Laughing and Lighting

"Staying in a weird house. I think this lamp looks like an ostrich uterus." Conan OBrien

I laughed so hard when I read this.  How do these things pop into his mind?  And he is absolutely
 right!    www.ourhomesmagazine.com/oakville  !