Thursday, 29 December 2011

Another Reason to Go to Italy

What a great idea.  Transforming an old railway into a pedestrian path.  It has always annoyed me slightly when I see railways on the most beautiful landscapes- right at the waters edge, functional yes but....
Now the railway is not longer used but the entire community has access to the path along the waters edge.  I am sure it is great for tourism and promotes fitness.  Maybe I would take up running again if I could run here......
This runs between the towns of Albisola Superiore and Celle Ligure on the coast of Italy
Albisola Superiore, 3S Studio, Voarino, abandoned railway, railway renovation, promenade, italy, green park

Read more: Retired Italian Railroad Transformed Into a Low Impact Recreational Promenade

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Love this Bathroom

Californian Modern Residence In LA 7 Inspiring Californian Residence with Luxurious Features in Los Angeles

This bathtub is amazing.  Just the touch of adding a surround with white stones makes it stand out.  It seems like a luxurious little island getaway....   Adding blue lighting gives the room a very romantic tone and I would think would enhance your natural beauty vs harsh white light.

Californian Modern Residence In LA 8 Inspiring Californian Residence with Luxurious Features in Los Angeles

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Should I have had dessert?

I absolutely love the look of this bathtub and mirror but I cringe at the idea.  I can't imagine having to come face to face with my minor :) imperfections on a regular basis.  On the other hand, maybe if I had always had a bathtub with a mirror, it would have kept me honest in the face of creme brulee and other treats.

It is amazing how a simple object like a mirror can change a room- make if feel bigger, make it more opulent.

Friday, 23 December 2011

A Solution to Washing Windows! and Curtains....

What unique architecture for someone's home.  I would have expected it to be an office building but it is a home in Peru.  Imagine you would never have to wash your windows.  You really wouldn't need curtains.  On the other hand I always thought windows like this were for a spectacular view, not in this case.  It might be annoying to never get a clear view into your backyard.

I love the the roof line of the third story, it looks like it might be an open air patio.

A peak inside.  The carpet really makes this room. 
For more pics see:

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hot Stools! I am referring to furniture..please...

White Garden Stool * Featured By Veranda Magazine  & Throughout Chamberlain Hotel West Hollywood * Any Berh Color Available   White Garden Stool  Designer Constantine Stool * Black with Gold Detail * Only Few Remaining  * Click Image For Full Screen ViewConstantine Stool

The White Garden Stool seems to be a really popular item in beautiful homes.  I have to admit the first time I saw it I wondered if it was an umbrella holder of some sort.  You can see I am not the most design savvy person   I did realize they are very functional, they offer some visual impact to your room and extra seating.  it could make a good christmas present for us.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Living in a Box

Amazing Box Style House Plan-1

Stark on the outside but once you get inside.... I think I could live with this.  When we would boat through honey harbour, we would occassionally come across what would look like a box sitting on a small rock island.  I used to think, how stark, uninviting and isolated.  Clearly my vision was wrong....
It would really be a simple build as well and relatively inexpensive.  When I think back to trying to build the second floor on our cottage,  this is much more appealing.  The sliding glass doors are beautiful. Monarch Moveable Glass Walls in Barrie is one of the few if any sources of moveable glass in Ontario.
Amazing Box Style House Plan-3

see more at

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

More Outdoor Spaces I Should Move South

Outdoor Spaces Decorating Ideas by Kettal

Here are more beautiful outdoor spaces.  Sometimes I think I enjoy them more than indoor spaces. I love the romance of how it is lite up at nite.  Kolbe Gallery in Oakville had an ad they used to run which I absolutely loved.  It was a night lite backyard pool landscape. It had a outdoor fireplace burning in the foreground, a beautiful pool, furniture.  That alone would sell me on a property... 

Outdoor Spaces Decorating Ideas by Kettal-7

Monday, 12 December 2011

Shades Of Grey Make for a Spectacular Room

Loved this dining room! The walls are a pale grey, love the combo with white. White chairs, white pictures, white chandelier offset by the silver mirror and candle stick holders

Doesn't the cow hide footstool just make the room?

The prints on the wall make this room. Also love the shape of the chandelier.

To see more visit and read about this home visit:

Courtesy of Our Homes magazine

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Big Impact. One Wall

image 026 40 Scandinavian Wallpaper Ideas Making Decorating a Breeze

I love the impact of one wall as a feature with wall paper. It turns a dull, uninspiring entryway into something with punch that you remember.  The room above has no real architectural charm, in fact imagine how it would look in off white, a standard apartment hallway. 
Attic Apartment 26 40 Scandinavian Wallpaper Ideas Making Decorating a Breeze

The other benefit to a one wall feature is it becomes manageble even for the tightest of budgets.  Maybe I some  Thibault wallpaper.......

black and white apartment design 3 554x366 40 Scandinavian Wallpaper Ideas Making Decorating a Breeze

Friday, 9 December 2011

Go Cheap and Don't Go Home

I was chatting with my editor Gina tonight over the bad case of home envy that we get on a regular basis. We were moaning about how costly but how beautiful so many of the items we see in homes and in stores are.  Of course we came up with a million reasons why we shouldn't spend the extra dollars. 

Then I started thinking back on all of the purchases that I had cheaped out on.  The couch that I bought because the kids were going to wreck it anyway, which had a split seam within 2 months.  Vs the one I bought almost 10 years ago that still looks great.  The dressers that my husband build out of pine for the kids (in our DIY phase- he had every tool imaginable).  They looked lovely but try opening and closing the drawers in different weather conditions.  "Mom,  I can't get my socks out of my drawers".  They ended up leaving the drawers open.

 This could easily translate to interior design

I am pretty sure if I counted up the real cost vs my perceived savings I could have some pretty extraordinary pieces in my home right now.  I think there are times when choosing a less expensive option is right but maybe not a cheap option.  Time to turn over a new leaf....(not a cheap leaf either)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Stylin' at Sea, I think not

I was so excited when I saw the photo of this Yacht.  I could only imagine how beautiful the interior was, particularly since it had been completely redone.  Origninally 60's yacht, redone!  Who would have thought the owners would be so attached to 60's style.  I will preface my response by saying I am not an interior designer, so what do I know but YUCK!
See more if you dare at Architectural Digest

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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Elegant Christmas Table Setting- On a Budget

Rustic table setting | Country-style Christmas table ideas | Christmas table settings | Country Homes & Interiors

There is nothing more beautiful then a table that is set and decorated at anytime of the year.  It is one of the things that we do on every photo shoot is ensure that the tables are beautifully set.  Sometimes it looks like it cost a fortune to set the table, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune.  I have posted some beautiful tables that utilized everyday home and decor items. 

The table above is just tea towels and candles. You can spray paint a square piece of cardboard gold to have a beautiful accent underneath the plates. 

Party place setting | Country-style Christmas table ideas | Christmas table settings | Country Homes & Interiors

Faux fruit can be a little on the pricey side and then you have to store them away.  Why not buy some silver and gold spray paint and go to town on real fruit?

Enchanting table setting | Country-style Christmas table ideas | Christmas table settings | Country Homes & Interiors

Extra christmas tree ornaments? Combine them with some fruit for a lovely centerpiece.

Christmas crackers are often pricey and the gifts are cheesy.  Why not save gift opening until dinner and place a beautifully wrapped gift on everyone's plate.  Of course this won't work for playstations and barbie dream houses...

Chair decorations | Country-style Christmas table ideas | Christmas table settings | Chair | Country Homes & Interiors

Drap a few extra decorations with ribbon on the back of each chair and voila you have some extra christmas spirit.  Happy Holidays!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Wow Factor in a Dinette

Is this a table set or a work of art?  It is really stunning although, it would be hard to dust ........

Friday, 2 December 2011

Bank on It! Banquettes

One of our feature homes in our Sept Issue had a beautiful banquette seat. It was not a built in, and it transformed a nice table into a feature.  I loved this tailored gray banquette, it could fit into so many decors and be the statement piece for the room.
Here are some other great examples and a link to our Sept Issue for a peak at our banquette:

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Galen Getaway

The minute I saw this picture of the Galen's (loblaws) getaway in florida I was drawn to it.  I love the symetry of the stairway.  This looks like the perfect southern home.  Then I realized my mother's house had a very similar feel with curved stairs mirroring each other at the front of the house.  The only difference was my mother's home was in Ontario.  How can such distinctive architecture fit into two such different climates and still work?  I don't know the answer to that question.....

See more at Architectural Digest

Monday, 28 November 2011

Raw Nature and Modern Innovation in Perfect Harmony!

Amazing Lefevre Beach House Designed by Longhi Architects 1 Amazing Lefevre Beach House Designed by Longhi Architects

Now this is amazing!  I can't imagine a more spectacular place to live or retreat to.  I am not so keen on getting my bathing suit on anymore so the lack of beach access is just perfect!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Wow Factor!

Cool Cut Out Design Small Beach House 1 Cool Cut Out Design Small Beach House

My jaw dropped when I saw this picture.  I love the architecture, the cut outs and off setting have a lot of impact.  Of course it took me a few seconds to try and figure out how you stay dry if it rains.  Not the brightes bulb sometimes, but I finally realized this is the outdoor space...  Did you notice the pool tucked into the left. 

Also loved this copper tub...
Enlarge a classic portrait | Design ideas: blush and beyond | decorating with nudes | decorating with colour | PHOTO GALLERY | Homes & Gardens | Housetohome

Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Family Room to Live In

I love the warmth of this room designed by Tracy Ray.  The window coverings have a beautiful brown border.  Imagine the room with just hardwood floors, the rug takes the room to another level.

The stunning kitchen is from Top Notch Cabinets with white shaker style cabinets.  The stainless steel range hood and pendant lights add a different texture to the kitchen which gives it an upscale look.

To see more visit:

Courtesy of Our Homes Magazine

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Contemporary, Fun Fishbowl

I love it!!!  The cat may finally be discouraged from "fishing". This aquarium is the creation of Psalt Design

Monday, 21 November 2011

Mesmerizing Mediterrean Home

private house 7 Mesmerizing Private House by Oded & Elizabeth Tal Architects

I love this photo.  What an amazing space!  The chandelier, the retractable sun shade.  Have a look at the rest of the pictures, the architecture is unique and not necessarily what you would expect.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Funky Fireplaces

Fireplaces Freshome 6 20 Soul Warming Fireplaces Ideas For Comfortable Winter Nights

I wish this picture showed the fireplace lit in its full glory.  I bet it is amazing.

Fireplaces Freshome 15 20 Soul Warming Fireplaces Ideas For Comfortable Winter Nights

I have a friend who has a similar, although not quite so elegant, fireplace in his weekend farm house.  The heat it generates is amazing.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Styling Ideas Girls Bedroom

01 luxury girls bedroom designs by pm4 25 Room Design Ideas for Teenage Girls

I love the way this room was styled for the photo. I am always looking for ideas to make our photos even better ! The soccer ball at the end of the bed.  The book and drawing supplies on the floor.  These are the little things that make you take a second and third look at the photo.  The room takes on a warmer feel despite the potential starkness of black and white. Here are more great teen rooms:

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Contemporary Himilayan Mountain Getaway

mountain home 2 Picturesque Mountain Hotel In The Himalayas: Shakhti 360

The architecture is simple and stunning. Floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the Himilayan Mountains.  What an amazing place to get away to.
I am more of an ocean person but this could definitely change my mind.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Light up Your Life!

Striped Bocce Table Lamp * As Featured By Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle MagazineStriped Bocce Table Lamp  Forged Miro Table Lamp * Burnt Silver  Forged Miro Lamp

There are so many great table lamps to choose from.  I always used to buy matched sets, definitely matched lampshades until I started this magazine.  Now I have been in so many beautiful homes designed by some very savvy designers and I have changed my ways.  Now I look for height, visual interest, contrast, the lines.  Here are some that have been featured in magazines as well as other great options. Heres a link to a living room designed by Elizabeth Interiors, look closely at the lamps.  I love how it was set up with the mirror to reflect back the lamp and the white jar.  

Moss LampMoss Lamp