Thursday, 5 July 2012

Memories of Hammocks

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There is nothing that looks better than a beautiful hammock in a backyard, cottage or porch.  It is so appealing.  I remember heading out with my sleeping bag and spending the night  sleeping on a hammock at my grandmother's cottage in Vermont.  Waking up with the sun heating up your face.
Or sneaking away in the afternoon to relax and read a book in the hammock overlooking the water, until invariably someone comes up and gives a quick one handed flip and boom you are sitting on the ground with a few extra bruises.

Today, I would not even attempt to get in a hammock.  When my second son was a baby,  I got into a hammock with him and we turtled right over onto the ground.  Some mother!   There is no grace in getting in and out of a hammock.  So i will just look longingly at them and hold onto my memories......

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